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Atlanta's Best Event Catering

Serving delicious meals with a smile, we make catering the easiest part of planning any event.

Award winning bbq

standout service

seamless events


No more basic bbq.

Event planning can be overwhelming (an understatement, we know…), but finding a caterer that fits your needs, budget, and vibe doesn’t have to be! Formal, casual, big, small, we can tailor to any event, and our specialists are here to guide you every step of the way.

No time to spare?

Know exactly what you want and don’t need a specialist? Book your event online in five minutes. Yeah, you read that right. Just fill out this simple form and BOOM - your event is on the books!

Overwhelmed with options?

Our expert event specialists are ready to get started, guiding you step by step through our simple process. No more waiting, you can plan your dream event with the guidance of our experienced professionals!

Money on the mind?

Stay within your budget without sacrificing any of the fun! We have plenty of pricing options and catering styles for you to choose from (food truck anyone??).

Food sensitivities?

Keeping track of dietary restrictions and preferences can seem impossible. Leave it to us! We keep even the most sensitive guests smiling with a wide variety of substitutes and a detailed list of ingredients. I mean, what other BBQ restaurant serves tofu??


We're a cut above the rest.

Catering you can count on to be dependable and delicious. Always professional and ready to impress, we’ll dazzle your guests without any of the hassle.

Be Stress Free

No matter the type of event, dietary restrictions, budget, or back flips your event may require, we’re ready with a solution. Ok maybe not for the back flips, but we’d make it happen!

Save Time & Energy

We know catering is just one of the many to dos on your event planning checklist. Save precious time and book your event online in just 5 minutes!

Get Expert Help

Need guidance on which options are best for you? Our expert event specialists know just the thing. We’ll walk you through our simple process to ensure your event is just right.

Private Events

Need a sizzling venue for your private event that'll leave your guests raving? We offer both partial and full space buyouts of our bar area and dining room, the perfect setting to celebrate any occasion. Whether it's a lively birthday bash, a corporate gathering, or a family reunion, we've got you covered. Our seasoned pitmasters professional staff will take care of everything, from serving up mouthwatering food to providing impeccable service and accommodating any customizations you desire. Speak to our specialist and book your event today!

Private Events
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