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Smoking: Sweet Auburn BBQ WuTang Wings


2 dozen jumbo wings 8 oz kosher salt 2 bunches green onion or fresh cilantro for garnish 1 lime

Brine Ingredients

8 cups water 1⁄2 cup kosher salt 1⁄4 cup sugar 1 tablespoon whole black peppercorn 5 garlic cloves smashed Stir all ingredients together until salt and sugar are dissolved


  1. Brine wings in a neutral flavored brine (salt, sugar and garlic) overnight.

  2. Heat your Char grill to 225 degrees. Add wings to the middle rack. Spread wings out so they are not touching so smoke can penetrate evenly throughout the wings.

  3. Once wings reach an internal temp of 165 degrees, bring the smoker to 600 degrees and sear wings on the grate to crispen skin.

  4. Toss wings in Sweet Auburn BBQ WuTang Sauce

  5. Top with diced green onions or fresh cilantro and serve with a wedge of lime. Squeeze lime over wings upon serving.

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